The Stapp EBC can be used with fixed and moving targets in order to accommodate today’s leading edge live fire training. The angled EBC bed or “Safety fitting” is built on a support surface of recycled and resource-friendly materials and does not require sectional dividers.

STAPP EBC performs best when fired upon with lead bullets and full metal jacket projectiles for firearms, safely handling any calibre up to 12 mm in diameter. Other types of projectiles can also be captured by the STAPP EBC, but some modifications or additional maintenance will be necessary to accommodate other rounds.

The spent projectiles and contaminates are fully collected safely in the STAPP EBC safety fitting – which is also ricochet proof even at extreme cold temperatures. Hence, all harmful materials and bullets are contained therein, safely awaiting periodic removal and recycling.

STAPP EBC can be built in a straight line or curved, and without limitation in the height and length. Current targets can be used as safety fitting without limiting section rings. The STAPP EBC is designed primarily for outdoor use but can be adapted easily for indoor use.