• The standard STAPP EBC can be installed and made fully operational anywhere in the world, in any environment in about one week.
  • The patented STAPP RIKO-Plank is made of 100% recyclable plastic that is specifically created to cope with extreme temperatures and a full range of common ammunition types.
  • The STAPP RIKO-Plank is made from plastic derived from recycled materials and can be reused up to eight times before it has lost its properties. The plastic is approved for burning in thermal plants. The STAPP RIKO-Plank is completely maintenance-free.
  • The STAPP Safety Fitting Screen (SFC) is a cost-effective choice to replace the older site-built structures.
  • The STAPP SFC is comprised of a concrete module as dimensioned in view of the safety of shooting ranges and with the ability to dismantle and move. The elements clothed after installation with STAPP RIKO-plank at a distance studs. By choosing the STAPP SFC means that the STAPP EBC safety fitting can often be reduced significantly in height to accommodate tighter fitting installations, such as at an indoor range.