• Experiments show that STAPP EBC capable of handling more than 30,000 projectiles against a precision 60 x 60 cm target
  • Even tracer rounds can be used safely with no risk of fire
  • No risk of ricochets when rounds strike the safety fitting in any weather


  • The safety fitting is constructed of materials that are 100% recyclable and many of the materials are recycled and resource-friendly
  • Collected bullets and fragments can be recycled


  • STAPP EBC customers can create a reasonable revenue stream in the recycled metals market or, ammunition developers might be able to reduce materials costs by recycling bullet materials
  • The existing legacy old safety fittings of gravel or restored ramparts of earth can serve as a base foundation for STAPP EBC. Hence, customers are able to increase their savings with the STAPP EBC system.
  • Maintenance costs of STAPP EBC upkeep are lower.


  • Maintenance can be handled by STAPP EBC or a customer’s own team can be personally trained by STAPP EBC experts to its own high proprietary standard.
  • Projectiles are simply cleared from the filler “stop” material with mobile collection units.
  • The stop material is cleaned and reused.
  • The STAPP EBC cover prepared at the large number of holes through binding the same type of material with the rubber compound used during construction.
  • The STAPP EBC is constructed of its own patented materials that have long shelf-life and unprecedented extended durability, outlasting competing materials by eight times as long before needing to be replaced.
  • Once repaired to manufacturer specifications, the STAPP EBC continues to meet all approvals, ratings and guidelines for effectiveness, safety and environmental protection.


  • STAPP EBC is approved by the Swedish Armed Forces
  • STAPP EBC has been studied, tested, rated and approved by for the U.S. EPA