STAPP Environmental Bullet Catcher

STAPP EBC is an economical and safe alternative to the conventional shooting ranges made of dirt. Pollutants from lead projectiles are collected in the bullet trap in complete safety. Works without ricochets in very cold weather.

STAPP EBC is protected by patents in most countries around the world.

STAPP EBC can be built in a straight line or curved and without restrictions in height and length. Moving targets can advantageously be used as the bullet trap lacks limiting sections. The bullet trap is primarily designed for outdoor use but can easily be adapted for indoor use. Old bullet traps of dirt or restored dirt berms of old bullet traps can conveniently serve as a basis for STAPP EBC.


STAPP Environmental Bullet Catcher (EBC) is the only one of its kind with this level of success, quality and environmental standards.

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The Stapp EBC can be used with fixed and moving targets in order to accommodate today’s leading edge live fire training.

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The standard STAPP EBC can be installed and made fully operational anywhere in the world, in any environment in about one week.

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Unique benefits

Experiments show that STAPP EBC capable of handling more than 30,000 projectiles against a precision 60 x 60 cm2 target.

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Frontal Protection

STAPP Frontal protection is a product designed to protect moving targets and the front of the STAPP EBC against low targeted projectiles and prevent the creation of ricochets. The FP consists of an inclined ballistic panel covered with STAPP Riko plank.

The projectile penetrates the Riko plank and is stopped by the hardened steel but can not ricochet through the miniature holes formed in Riko plank. The FP is detachable mounted standing on longitudinal precast concrete that is buried in the ground.

Bullet Trap Screen

STAPP BTS is a cost effective choice to replace the older site-built structures.

The BTS is made of a concrete element dimensioned for the security at the shooting ranges, and with the ability to be disassembled and moved. The elements are fronted by Riko-plank. By choosing a bullet trap screen the EBC can usually be substantially reduced in height.


STAPP Riko plank is made of 100% recyclable plastic that is specially composed to withstand the cold and projectiles with small arms ammunition commonly used types.

The plastic is derived from recycled plastic and can be reused up to 8 times before it lost its properties. The plastic is approved for combustion in thermal power stations. Riko-plank is made with tongue and groove and is completely maintenance free.

Why choose STAPP?

Experienced Team

STAPP has over 15 years experience maintaining and constructing bullet traps. Engage us for your next project and you have future-proofed your shooting ranges with the safest and most environmentally friendly bullet trap.

Quality services

All materials have been carefully tested and developed over many years i collaboration with our customers. Our worldwide patent make our products unique and extremely durable.

Affordable prices

STAPP EBC has the lowest life cycle cost on the market.